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Artisan – what does it really mean? Artisan relates to a small batch producer who crafts or creates a product mainly by hand in a traditional way

Artisan (French) Skilled craft worker who creates partly or entirely by hand

Artisanal (adjective) to describe the crafting of handmade food products

Artisans – The dominant producers of consumer products before the industrial revolution

Hi, my name is Adam and I am the owner & curator of Flavour of the Month and professional chef with over 30 years experience. Discovering new flavours and seasonal produce that work and compliment each other has been the foundation of my career. I have worked in England, South Africa, Dubai and Australia. It has been amazing sharing knowledge and experience with chefs from all over the world, but most of all it is learning the different styles, traditions and cultural values of food, that really means the most.

Australia! From the places I have lived or visited, never have I been in a country that offers such amazing products made by small batch producers. Dedicated to using locally grown and sourced ingredients, or even made from the very product they grow themselves. They are the heart and soul of the weekend markets, craft fairs, village stores and local delicatessens. If you are like me, you love hunting for that new creation, something to highlight your next pasta dish or signature sandwich. Maybe it is to compliment a cheese platter for when friends come over. Whatever you choose you will taste the passion, culture and history of the producers.

Flavour of the Month has been created to share with you the food and beverages I love. To bring to your table the amazing creations and natural products that are available all over Australia. You do not have to be a master chef or food connoisseur to enjoy, for the Artisans are always perfecting their products so when we eat them at home, they are ready to enjoy and savour. Their passion and commitment, it’s infectious as they produce their amazing products. 

The Artisan Gift box. When you want to send a gift, it is essential that the gift is a representation of you and your values and that it is relevant so it can be enjoyed and appreciated by the receiver. All of our gift boxes are curated to ensure that all items complement each other to create a meaningful and memorable occasion.

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There I will guide you through recipes, cooking techniques and give you some more ways to get the most from the products we share and what I have learnt that makes them so special and important.

Celebrating Australian Artisans

Adam Ashley


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