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Italian Nights


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The Gift Box features the following 5 items

Penne Pasta 375g – Artisan Pasta, Queensland – Italian style Artisan pasta from the sunshine coast. Air dried for 48 hours to give that perfect al dente texture when cooked.

Pasta Sauce with Basil 380g – Josh and Sue, Victoria – With all the richness of tomato with a great fresh basil taste. Use straight from the jar with freshly cooked Artisan pasta, when you just want something quick and easy. Or add some sautèed mushrooms, bacon or chopped olives to give a little extra twist of flavour.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml – The Grampians, Victoria – One of Australia’s oldest olive groves and 100% family owned and operated, they are renowned for producing some of the best organic olive oil in Australia. Use as a dressing over salads with a light sprinkle of fresh lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. Use as a finishing oil drizzled over grilled meats, pasta or risotto. Pour into a bowl with some balsamic and just dip some bread. It’s healthy and nutritious so do not hold back.

Porcini Mushroom & Pink Salt Grinder 180g – Josh and Sue, Victoria – Himalayan Pink Rock Salt and mixed pepper corns. When it comes to seasoning, this will be your new best friend. Grind over steaks and burgers before they hit the grill, into soups, pasta and risotto. You will smell the earthy aromas of the porcini mushroom as it adds flavour and character to every dish.

The Grampians Dipping Dish – Pour oil in the dish, add a splash of balsamic, dip bread and enjoy.


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